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Best Tripod For Photography And Videography Beginner

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Let’s get familiar with Geekoto Tripod
Price:$149.98 (Before going to the confirmation rate. however we will go to the Amazon website)

Color: horizontal
18.9 x 4.13 x 4.13 inches-Dimensions
9.8 pounds-Weight


This tripod is made of plastic. Cones adjusters are excellent quality. it is very good plastic. They feel like metal or aluminum. It is high-quality plastic. You can use it with confidence. The horizontal arm is 10.63 inch-13.4 inch. You equipment uses 50mm Arca-swiss plates will they work with the 38mm that comes with the tripod. If not can you replace the 38mm with a 50mm 1/4, your equipment uses 50mm Arca-Swiss plates Workable. Will this tripod fit a Manfrotto xpro 3-way workable. This tripod Does this include the minicolumn as pictured. Converts to it. 2 legs come off. It is an awesome tripod.


This tripod is an Arca Swiss compatible plate which comes with an industry standard. This tripod can load 17.6lbs maximum. That depends on how heavy your camera is.

The columns can be rotated 360 ° horizontally. meet various needs and to understand the panorama shooting Particularly designed ball-heads can rotate 360 ° and get free corners. Which help you get the perfect shot and amazing panorama. You can use it to take a portrait shot.


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